With the influx of data being generated today, increasing customer expectations and data sources breaking physical boundaries moving to cloud, Big Data Analytics has become essential for all types of organization whether large or small. CoreFlex helps organizations deploy amplified Data and Analytics for large data that cannot be handled with traditional methods, to harness the power of their people, process, and technology so that they can innovate faster than the speed of current technology change.

Our team of data scientists and AI experts work closely with your business teams to chart out the right Big Data strategy for your business environment. Using technologies like AI, ML, predictive analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing we help you get access to previously unstructured, inaccessible, and unused big data to make better business decisions, drive supply chain efficiencies, detect and mitigate fraud, improve customer experiences and a lot more.

Our Services

IoT data streaming and transformations

Develop architecture for efficient data processing

AI/ML based Data Analytics Engine

Simplifying data, simplifying businesses

Big Data solutions

Get vital business insights from structured and unstructured data