System integration is no more a one-time fix in today’s technology savvy world. There is always a new business requirement that has a new technology solution. While business adopt a new technology, they also adopt the technical debt with it. Integrating it with the existing business processes is key to ensuring that your business runs uninterrupted.

With our 8+ years of expertise in managing application integrations, we provide an end-to-end solution, implementation, and support services for the integrations. This model gives flexibility to our customers to drive engagement based on the data driven KPIs of our delivery. We deploy our Center of excellence capabilities based on the need of an hour for our customers and it gives them immense flexibility to utilize just the right resources for their integration needs.

Our CoE focus is on building an integration error handling framework, utilities, accelerators, and design principle-based templates for our core-focused platforms.

Our core-focused platforms are Boomi, Azure Integration Services, MOND Cloud and MuleSoft