About the client

The client is a US-based non-profit that has been operating in the areas of student loan bankruptcy management and loan collection for almost three decades. The client is also a guarantee-a-guarantor agency, overseeing student loans for the United States Department of Education.​

The Challange

Among the company’s major business lines is Student loan collection, which generates revenue to the tune of USD500 million. This function, and a host of others, were run using bespoke home-grown applications on which regression testing needed to be manually conducted on a regular basis. This was a time-consuming affair which bogged down processes and made them vulnerable to human error. Equally, it increased downtime and productivity costs while greatly reducing customer experience and satisfaction, and time to market. 

Of special concern was the EPIC System, which was central to the smooth functioning of the business. Looking for an expert who could come up with a solution, and implement it in a timely fashion without upsetting the existing system, the company sought out CoreFlex. 

The project, aimed at the client’s employees and third-parties with access, envisaged a complete cover that would eliminate manual interventions completely. This included events where the client could undertake acquisitions, and run the entire testing for the acquired entity.​

Our Solution

The CoreFlex team assigned to the project began by observing and documenting the defects within the system and the problems that emerged from them. ​ Using reliable releases, mitigating production defects, and opting for a Regression / Smoke /Business process automation suite, the team carried out, tested, changed and finessed the system, all the while ensuring work and the business continued to run smoothly. ​CoreFlex also ensured comprehensive validation for every release and application​, remaining keenly mindful of their reusability and repeatability, including the open-source test automation suite. Throughout every stage of solution rollout, the CoreFlex team adopted test automation best practices. They also ensured DevOps enablement by creating a ​QA process maturity document. ​ 

The results shown by the test execution report performed using the Allure extent report, Test Complete and Selenium left the client in high spirits.​

Value delivered


business scenarios automated


reduction execution


test coverage


hours per week, free BA time