About the client

A leading software product company with a 40-year track record of offering practical and engaging content in the eLearning space.

The platform is currently used by nearly 200,000 individuals and takes pride in having nurtured decades-long relationships with its customers.

The Challenge

The brand’s end-user web application had more than 19,000 enterprise customers and 750,000 learners. While the quality of the content was not an issue, users complained about UI sluggishness and website slowness.

The in-house team tried but failed to find a solution to the problem, and for the company, all delays in addressing the issue came at the cost of losing credibility and customer trust. That’s when they turned to CoreFlex for a solution.

19 K

enterprise users

750 K


Sluggish UI, Slow website

Our Solution

Experts from CoreFlex analyzed the situation and decided to form an agile delivery team that could redesign the application to eliminate its drawbacks. The team then established a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) process, which focused on creating a fully automated build-and-deploy pipeline using Jenkins, Bitbucket/Git and Octopus. In addition, a dashboard was also prepared to provide all stakeholders with optimum visibility.

Furthermore, CoreFlex upgraded the legacy Java technology to ExtJS, ensuring a seamless transition of the learning applications’ UI/UX, thereby improving speed. JIRA and Confluence also played a crucial role in developing and managing critical DevOps practices, with a plethora of agile processes contributing to an ameliorated relationship between the development and operations team behind the application and the business stakeholders.

Value delivered


reduction in development release cycle

Improved employee efficiency and happy learners

Significantly improved time-to-market and ability to expand active customer base

Higher adoption rate opens doors to leverage cutting-edge business capabilities