About the client

Founded in 2016, the brand is a leading IT solutions provider for the bottlers of one of the largest beverage companies in the world. The brand offers a series of services that helps its partners optimally run their business, be innovative and people-focused, and develop entrepreneurial services that would help them excel on the big stage. The client serves more than 150,000 orders to over 25,000 unique users and generates revenue worth more than USD 20 billion annually.

The Challenge

Without a robust process to manage bottlers’ efficiency, the brand failed to resolve some critical tickets on time.

The root of the problem lay in manual regression testing for every update, configuration, or deployment in Salesforce. This led to an erosion in sales, revenue, and, most important, goodwill. That is why the brand approached CoreFlex for a plan to resolve their issues and help streamline their Salesforce performance.

Our Solution

CoreFlex carried out a root-cause analysis that showed that automating the client’s Integrated Customer Experience Platform (ICEP) could help resolve most issues. So it set up Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) to reduce the number of applications received. This improved the partners’ production quality. CoreFlex then deployed Leonardo, it’s all in one in-house automation testing framework, and began the daily execution of the automated regression suite. Leonardo works on any web-based application and speeds up the rate of automation.


2 clicks

regression automation from Leonardo


less time taken compared to normal test automation


Reusable and repeatable test automation suite without interruptions


cross platform testing helped the team cut down on repetitive creation tasks


production defects


test automation coverage


Defect triage and predictive defect management


enabled continuous testing within the sprint and traditional models