About the client

A popular premier equipment-care services and solutions provider, disseminating its 100+ years of expertise across 32 service markets in the U.S.A, was looking to redesign its proprietary field service platform for improved performance.  

Quality and testing are crucial areas to improve customer service and experience. In addition, a critical equipment producer such as our client needs to deliver quality goods with strong after-sales support.

The Challenge

The organization’s ‘Ready to Serve’ platform required a major upgrade for better quality and service. ‘Ready To Serve’ is a homegrown application developed iteratively by multiple vendors and developer groups. 

In its initial stages, the application was a simple sandbox with no technical documentation available for the database or Code logic. Furthermore, since it was built on the Offline-first model, there were significant performance issues related to data syncing between the server and the mobile app, with the first user logins taking more than 10 minutes daily. Also, the infrastructure costs for the scope of the application compared to its userbase were extremely high.

Our Solution

CoreFlex was responsible for a complete overhaul of the application enhancing the platform with further support and development. The team of experts identified the loopholes by being mindful of the application outages and working towards reducing them substantially. In addition, app stabilization was the need of the hour, enabling seamless user adoption to prevent fallback on the usual manual processes.

Simultaneously, it was essential to reduce the syncing data time to under one minute and review infrastructure for cost optimization.

CoreFlex team reverse-engineered the code logic and documented the critical processes. The overhaul kickstarted with a quick planned transition to understand the Azure backend and database structure.

Experts identified performance bottlenecks and optimized the code to bring the Data Sync time well within the 1-minute benchmark set by the client. Comprehensive identification of optimization opportunities through infrastructure logs and usage analysis.

Dev/QA and production processes were re-distributed over VMs and services with significant spare capacity. CoreFlex testing team conducted regression testing on the platform identifying all the critical bugs to be resolved. With the help of planned sprints for code updates, the development team stabilized the application.

Technologies used:

  • Native iOS and Android Mobile App
  • Azure Cloud Integrations – Azure Functions
  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Web services
  • Blob storage

Value delivered


orders completed by 600+ on-field technicians


crash free sessions up from 88%


Reduced infrastructure cost with optimized Azure infrastructure utilization

Quick Knowledge Transition of complex application architecture and code

Delivered application stabilization and development of key features in record 3 months

Cost and Performance optimizations exceed client expectations