About the client

The client builds platforms for digital businesses. By weaving together cloud infrastructure, intelligent operations, and modern applications, they help enterprises deliver on the promise of digital transformation. They specialize in Enterprise Data Center, Cloud Computing, Cloud Management and Operations, Consulting Services, End-User Computing, Cloud Infrastructure, and DevOps.

The Challenge

A veteran in the data center business in the USA, the client has constantly reinvented itself to meet the changing demands of its core market.

The client’s Quality Assurance teams were squandering their time by running regression tests during individual sprints. To enable their team to focus on sprint-related activities, they wanted to automate the regression testing suite such that it could be executed whenever it was required, without having to divert the attention from sprints.

Our Solution

Having identified an area where its resources were being used sub optimally, the client sought to automate the regression testing suite using a test automation tool that they already held a license for.

CoreFlex began working on a regression testing suite and delivered it to the team along with a comprehensive set of instructions on how to operate it. The entire process began with an overarching discovery phase where the team spent ample time with the client’s QA team to understand their mission-critical business flows. Multiple changes from the company’s other teams meant that the automation scripts were failing often, and required continuous updating every time.

To solve this problem, the client decided to work with CoreFlex given its vast experience with Salesforce, testing, and operations.

Ensuring that the company would have a smooth experience with using its automated regression testing suite, CoreFlex deployed two members of its team to learn the ins and outs of the client’s test automation tool before the start of the project. This decreased friction during the subsequent implementation and support phases.

Despite having fulfilled the original mandate of delivering an automated regression testing suite, CoreFlex supported the client’s QA team with the execution of the automation scripts till they were satisfied with its implementation.

Regression testing of Salesforce platform was manual and time consuming. CoreFlex team was instrumental not only in building full happy path suit of the productm, automation but also setting us up for success. This helped in not only reduce the number of hours taken for regression testing but also increase the frequency of our Production release cycle.

Sr. Manager Business Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions in USA

Our Impact


test cases with 21 scenarios


time saving with automated regression suite

Continuous testing ensures quality and early defect detection

A comprehensive regression test suite that covers all end user scenarios in one