About the client

The client is a specialty medical equipment manufacturer/supplier, headquartered in California, with operations in over 50 countries​. They design and make a complete line of safe, reliable products for use across the continuum of care. The company helps patients and caregivers forge the human and emotional connections that enhance clinical experience and are the essence of outstanding quality-of-care.

The Challenge

The client was in need of digitizing their medical device to gain a competitive edge in the healthcare market segment. The major goal of the project was to enable Doctors to monitor Homecare patients remotely in “real-time”.

Medical Devices could transmit data digitally, but there was a lack of tools to interpret and add intelligence to the captured data. Complex medical data needed to be presented in an intuitive manner on mobile devices with limited screen real-estate.

High Fault-tolerance and resilience required to allow the application to function in a remote environment, 24×7 with limited resources. Also, lack of Interfaces to communicate with medical devices.

Our Solution

CoreFlex brought to bear its Digital, Testing and UI/UX Centers of Excellence to tick all the boxes of the client’s requirement and go beyond with some innovative solutioning to deliver the product for the client.

Our team designed and implemented a robust solution that uses the entire spectrum of Azure IoT ecosystem – Data Ingestion, Transport, Analytics & Operational insights, API interfaces and mobile Presentation

Deeply involved in the early thinking process with the client. CoreFlex team helped ideate the solution with brain-storming sessions, developing use-cases and low/high fidelity mockups. The team enabled Stream Analytics and Power BI to simplify the data for consumption.

CoreFlex’s Digital COE worked on Azure Event and IoT Hubs, Stream Analytics, Azure SQL Storage, Batch Analytics using Power BI and developed restful web services to transmit data to and from mobile devices.

Value delivered

Doctors and patients can track progress of a patient’s therapy remotely and in near “real-time”

Highly Intuitive UX and sophisticated UI delivered by CoreFlex UX team

Increased adoption amongst the doctors and patients

Significant increase in doctors ability to provide quality care to the patients

Actionable data derived from Complex Medical Telemetry data

Doctors leverage the Patient’s history data to provide prescriptive care

100 %

data accuracy