About the client

The client is a leading provider of advanced back office portal in the industry, streamlining every step in the process of selling and supporting telecom and cloud services.

The Challenge

The client as part of its future-proofing strategy, wanted to modernize its industry leading Back-office portal and improve the interface to enhance the way it engaged its corporate users for generation and tracking of quotes, orders and commissions. This portal resides at the core of client’s business and is the primary channel through which it services its customers.

Given the importance of the portal to enable revenue, the client wanted to improve its user experience with the portal and improve the speed of feature updates. They decided to modernize the existing platform and embrace an Agile development model.

The client engaged CoreFlex to deliver an enhanced and re-platformed back-office portal while simultaneously introducing and scaling agile practices into the project. Application development was to be done in a very tight schedule as the product teams had committed a switchover date to the new platform Application technical knowledge of the existing portal was not documented and there was unavailability of resources for knowledge transition.

Our Solution

A re-write of the product meant the requirements were known up-front, hence the team executed this project with a Feature Driven Development framework by implementing the requirements and go-live in 1 step and iterating the code development and release in sprints. CoreFlex teams Re-engineered features like commission management, Quotes and Order management and Specialized Sales CRM from legacy code.

ASP.NET Boilerplate was implemented as a framework to add pace to the feature delivery and leverage the out-of-the-box cross-cutting of security, event and error logging, navigation and UI theme.

JIRA was used to control and monitor the code development process with Bitbucket being the Source control tool. Rebuilt the platform on latest technologies like ASP.NET Core with AngularJS2 and postscript to provide more shelf-life to the product.


Smooth delivery and acceptance of the releases with no deviation in schedule, cost or quality

User-Adoption rates increased with no P1 issues reported post-releases

Implemented a multi-tenant backend database for better scalability and security