About the client

Founded in 2016, the brand is a leading IT solutions provider for the bottlers of one of the largest beverage companies in the world. The brand offers a series of services that helps its partners optimally run their business, be innovative and people-focused, and develop entrepreneurial services that would help them excel on the big stage. The client serves more than 150,000 orders to over 25,000 unique users and generates revenue worth more than USD 20 billion annually.

The Challenge

About 4000+ field technicians of the beverage company’s bottlers were facing issues resolving their cases on time due to application glitches which was impacting their brand image. The volume of transactions is significant and requires high performing application that is up for the challenge and is able to support peaks in the volume of transactions as well. Poor application performance was directly affecting the service SLA of the as it was slowing down the tech in many interactions that are required with the customer and to fix the equipment.

Our Solution

The client and CoreFlex identified the problem and suggested performance testing as the solution to achieve the results the client wanted. Performance testing would allow them to test the performance of the client’s Salesforce FSL application on various parameters like scale, speed, stability and integration touch points.

The testing specialists understood the critical implications of performance testing for Salesforce FSL. Performance testing is quite rare for the Salesforce FSL application and that meant extensive research, documentation and analysis at every step.

Using a support ticket, CoreFlex communicated the testing plans to Salesforce. The Salesforce team worked closely with CoreFlex to understand the test life cycle and the process to be followed. Testing was executed in a full-copy sandbox and not in the production environment.

CoreFlex took a step-by-step approach to complete the performance testing and analyze the results –

  • Creating the workload model
  • Running the Test
  • Creating a test plan
  • Analyze test results

Client Speak

With CoreFlex’s solution, we got the assurance that the technology can support our volume of transactions, and confidence that we can run our business without a major failure in a tool as important as this that directly reflects our company's brand in the marketplace.

Director, Digital Transformation Services at World's Leading Beverage Company, USA

Value Delivered

Error free HTTP Response code

3 seconds

response time, an improvement of 70%

The application reached a steady hits per second

Improved throughput

Ability to handle active thread over time

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