About the client

Founded in 2016, the brand is a leading IT solutions provider for the bottlers of one of the largest beverage companies in the world. The brand offers a series of services that helps its partners optimally run their business, be innovative and people-focused, and develop entrepreneurial services that would help them excel on the big stage. The client serves more than 150,000 orders to over 25,000 unique users and generates revenue worth more than USD 20 billion annually.

The Challenge

The client required validation of their future customer and commercial strategy to leverage their Salesforce platform in the best way. To services the various bottlers worldwide of the beverage company they had to ensure best in class development and implementation of Salesforce products to deliver world class services to the bottlers and eventually the end customers of the beverage company.

Our Solution

CoreFlex supported technical and roadmap pillars of the validation phase to feed into the Total Cost of Ownership and business case computations. Key tenets of the solution were

  • Establish connectivity of SAP and Salesforce through MuleSoft
  • Mapping and migration of 6 different integration use cases
  • Performance testing related to integration use cases
  • Functional use case definitions and delivery of POCs spanning Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, and Commerce Cloud
  • Capability matrix to identify configuration and customization capabilities
  • Documentation of roadmap with deployment and delivery plan
  • Scorecard and reports published to stakeholders – daily, weekly and retrospective Feed inputs into Business Case


Successful Integration POC

Successful Roadmap – Functional POC’s

Concluded with roadmap, development, deployment and resource plan, business case and TCO calculations