About the Client

The customer specializes in offering essential educational supplies, complete learning environments, and curriculum solutions across educational institutions in the US.

The Challenge

The customer was facing significant challenges in efficiently processing a high volume of purchase orders (POs) received through traditional channels such as email or fax. This manual entry process resulted in productivity loss for customer. To address this issue, the customer partnered with CoreFlex’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) team to streamline and expedite their order processing workflow.

Summary of the challenges:

  • Traditional Order Channels: The customer primarily received POs via email or fax, resulting in a time-consuming manual entry process.
  • High Volume of Orders: The number of POs ranged from 3000 to 4500+ per day, further exacerbating the inefficiency of manual data entry.
  • Manual Entry Process: The customer team had to manually enter each order into their systems, leading to a significant productivity loss.

Our Solution

The customer recognized the need to optimize their order processing workflow and engaged CoreFlex’s BPO team to address the challenges. The following solution was implemented:

  • Training and Familiarization: The customer provided comprehensive training to the CoreFlex team regarding their business processes, order categorization, and specific rules to be followed.
  • Digital Order Handling: The customer implemented a digital approach by scanning faxes or uploading email attachments to their Salesforce application, enabling easier access to the orders.
  • Order Categorization: The CoreFlex team continuously monitored the Salesforce queue, identifying incoming orders and categorizing them based on predefined skillsets established by the customer.
  • Indexing Orders: Each order received was meticulously reviewed by the CoreFlex team in Salesforce. They then manually indexed approximately 60-70 fields per purchase order onto an Oracle application, accessing it through the permissions provided by the customer .
  • Exception Handling: In case any order presented complexities or required further review, the CoreFlex team would promptly escalate the order back to the customer team for their expert evaluation.



Purchase Orders processed to date


hours of TAT


Quality Score throughout the course of the engagement


fields manually indexed

CoreFlex team set up a dedicated Audit team to control the quality of all POs