Provisioning the right access, to the right people, at the right time.

accessnow© is our premier Salesforce Privileged Access Management (PAM) application that can minimize your company’s risk and actively take steps to mitigate loss related to unauthorized access. With accessnow©, our automation streamlines the process of obtaining privileged, emergency access and helps achieve audit compliance goals. It can also expedite your 911 teams’ access into a system without compromising compliance.

By managing large Salesforce implementations, accessnow© can help organize and schedule elevated access in production with high vigilance of audit enabled. It allows you to plan and schedule elevated access for resources for a stipulated duration and rolls back the access to the pre-approved stage automatically. This tool enables you to maintain security compliance while serving business needs to onboard resources with elevated access and downgrade access levels. During the period of elevated access, accessnow© captures extensive audit data by recording every operation performed by the user.



On-demand privileged and emergency access

Privilege Elevation

Grant just enough privilege to minimize secure system access and still empower users to do their job

Temporary Access

Eliminate over-provisioned user access

Access Request

Govern access with approval workflows

Automated Provisioning

Of privileged access

Audit Logging

Configuration changes, Data changes, Records viewed

Audit Logging

Log in as - Ability to see what data and configuration changes are made when a user utilizes the Log in as function

Auditing and Reporting

Visibility to all privileged and emergency access activity


Cost Savings, Time Savings and Compliance

Reduce Risk from Breaches

Automate Compliance Reporting

Accelerate and Automate Privileged Access Process

Reduce Insurance Risks

Balancing access & empowerment with the right level of security