The Challenge

During quarterly peak periods, the bank’s call center saw an influx of calls which could not be supported by their standard staffing. To support the overflow, the bank temporarily repurposed sales reps as call center during scheduled periods.

The bank managed this through a manual process of creating a spreadsheet of available time-slots for Sales Reps to sign up for.

When the time came, an admin would change access for the sales reps and when the time expired, they would revoke it. There was no way to track what a sales rep did during that time period. The bank needed a way to automate the changing of permissions with audit logging for compliance purposes.

Our Solution

Accessnow, a CoreFlex Solution was implemented to provide scheduled time slots for sales reps to be able to schedule their access. Sales reps sign up and when the time comes, they are automatically granted the right access for the job.

When the time expires, they are automatically set back to their prior access. During the time period that they have call center access, their activities are logged both data changes and data views.

Value Delivered

Admin time saved by automation

Audit logging ensures compliance

No more risk of manual errors

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