At CoreFlex, we aid businesses in deriving better insights from the vast volumes of data they gather from diverse sources, including on-premise or cloud-based data warehouses, data lakes, social media platforms, websites, IoT devices, and more. With over 9 years of experience, we’ve assisted numerous companies in realizing the full potential of their data through our unique array of data solutions.

Our data management and analytics solutions are meticulously crafted to address challenges like data fragmentation, the absence of central data governance, mounting technical debt, data duplication, lacking data catalogs, high maintenance costs for patching existing data, and more.

Our team of data experts adheres to the philosophy of “Goldenizing data,” which entails eliminating all data silos and establishing a unified source of truth for each dataset. We intricately design this singular data source and ensure its centralized governance to offer valuable insights for informed business decision-making.

How we help?

We empower organizations with our 6 key services under data analytics umbrella

Data Architecture

Providing robust, scalable, cost-effective, secure, governable solutions that fit your business needs​

Analytics Advisory

Building data intelligent enterprises of the future

BI Transformation

Making businesses more intelligent

Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Empowering organizations with the integration of data and business process analytics

Amplified Intelligence and Analytics

Simplifying data, simplifying businesses

Data Governance

Use your data asset to make it discoverable, accessible, trust-worthy, and compliant​

The CoreFlex Advantage

Reduce Operational Risk

Eliminate operational blind spots due to poor or incomplete data and induce greater transparency into costs and potential revenue opportunities​

Easier Change Management

Faster turn-around for new development with fewer process disruptions​ and reduced vendor lock-in risk​

Reduce Compliance and Regulatory Risk

Enable Data access management​ and become SOX and GDPR compliant. Provide transparency into the internal regulatory oversight for regulators.


Leverage new technologies based on AI and machine learning​, learn required labelled, reliable data to train models​ and identify and evaluate new business ideas​.

Products and Platforms


“TraceTrax,” a cloud-based mobile application developed by CoreFlex, which is to empower businesses in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Logistics industry, with advanced collaboration tools and real-time access to information for enhanced field effectiveness.


What TraceTrax does for you?



Case Studies

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Power BI and AI integration for efficient sales anomaly detection

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