About the client

NHS trust is an organizational unit within the National Health Services of England and Wales, generally serving either a geographical area or a specialized function (such as an ambulance service). In any particular location there may be several trusts involved in the different aspects of providing healthcare to the local population. There are altogether 217 trusts, and they employ around 800,000 of the NHS’s 1.2 million staff.

The Challenge

The client was facing multiple compliance issues with country-specific guidelines on clinical correspondence turn-around delayed turn-around times.

  • Lack of visibility on bottlenecks in the workflow of transcription files
  • No management and real-time reports to assist decision-making
  • Unsecured transmission of sensitive data files through public networks
  • Poor user-experience due to multiplicity of applications for transfer of file, editing and audio playbacks

Our Solution

CoreFlex created an enterprise cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) which has all the tools and interfaces required for the entire transcription process that allows managers and administrators to have deep-visibility into the workflow and makes decision-making impactful and timely.

The platform encrypts the files and their transfer and provides a superior backup mechanism in custom interfaces for integrations with other enterprise patient care applications.

Value Delivered

24 million lines of Transcription being processed Yearly

2000+ users on the system

20+ Transcription Centers working on the system

Implementations at 12+ NHS UK Trusts and multiple Hospitals, Clinics, healthcare and Transcription service providers

Seamless Transcription workflow providing administrators and managers better control over the processes

Increased ROI for the transcription service providers with better productivity reports and optimized transcription workflow

Increased trust of NHS and patients in the systems with secure transmission and storage of personal data.