Complex applications landscape with a mix of legacy systems, SaaS, and digital applications inhibits an organization’s ability to achieve the competitive edge they desire to achieve in their industry. With our Software engineering expertise, we give you the ability to continuously innovate and realize business value from a highly efficient applications landscape.

Our services include Application Strategy to create a digital strategy for organizations, Digital Transformation to elevate application landscape that delivers a superior experience and Custom Software Engineering to address specific challenges of our clients. Supported by our practices in data management and analytics, automated testing, integration and industry leading delivery frameworks, we are ensuring application excellence and making way for innovation easy for businesses globally.

Our end-to-end Software engineering framework always ensures healthy application performance and helps you over deliver to your customers. With our SLA and consumption-based delivery models you can develop, modernize, manage, and maintain your applications at your will and pace. Plus, our cutting-edge technical skills sets ensure you get a future ready application landscape.

Our Managed Service Framework

Our end-to-end application services

Application Strategy

Transform to the future of application performance with a winning strategy for your business

Digital Transformation

Making innovation the heart of your applications

Custom Software Engineering

Customize your applications to solve unique challanges of your customers

Our Products


Salutem is our AI-powered cloud platform that empowers group and private practitioners with technology, insights, and expertise to help them drive better health outcomes for their patients. Salutem is focused on developing tools for the entire patient journey, and our roadmap includes building Practice Management, Medical Billing, and more.

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“TraceTrax,” a cloud-based mobile application developed by CoreFlex, which is to empower businesses in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Logistics industry, with advanced collaboration tools and real-time access to information for enhanced field effectiveness.


What TraceTrax does for you?



Leonardo for Test Automation

Leonardo for Test Automation is a proprietary tool built by CoreFlex that is designed to solve common testing issues for our clients. This test automation utility is built on top of Selenium and is AI-powered, helping to churn out faster automation for Salesforce and other digital projects. With Leonardo, clients can run their tests and achieve their goals in just “2 clicks”.

This tool is a win-win for all parties involved. If you choose to part ways at the end of the agreement, you get to keep the utility with you. Alternatively, if you do not choose to have Leonardo, since it is all native Selenium scripts, you can retain the asset by keeping the scripts.

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Cube is an online browser-based software application built by CoreFlex on industry standard technologies which allows authors to manage their Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, Transcription, Document Management and Workflow Requirements.

Our inbuilt deep neural speech recognition engine utilizes AI and Machine Learning to deliver best in class accuracy.


Provisioning the right access, to the right people, at the right time.

accessnow© is our premier Salesforce Privileged Access Management (PAM) application that can minimize your company’s risk and actively take steps to mitigate loss related to unauthorized access. With accessnow©, our automation streamlines the process of obtaining privileged, emergency access and helps achieve audit compliance goals. It can also expedite your 911 teams’ access into a system without compromising compliance.

By managing large Salesforce implementations, accessnow© can help organize and schedule elevated access in production with high vigilance of audit enabled. It allows you to plan and schedule elevated access for resources for a stipulated duration and rolls back the access to the pre-approved stage automatically. This tool enables you to maintain security compliance while serving business needs to onboard resources with elevated access and downgrade access levels. During the period of elevated access, accessnow© captures extensive audit data by recording every operation performed by the user.