In modern times, supply chains are no longer seen as mere cost centers. Instead, they are recognized as crucial drivers for exploring new business opportunities and delivering optimal customer satisfaction.

CoreFlex Solutions specializes in providing IT enablement for supply chain processes to CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) companies. This includes planning, production, warehouse management, sales, logistics, and financial cycle enablement. Our solutions are supported by extensive domain knowledge across the entire value chain, empowering enterprises to leverage the latest technological advancements to enhance both business value and the overall consumer experience.

We are committed to delivering world-class quality and excellence in our deliveries, drawing from our past engagements where we have implemented best practices and collaborated with partner ecosystems. Our focus is on achieving value-based transformational outcomes for our clients.

With our core practices of Salesforce and Software Engineering, coupled with other enabling services of Data Management and AnalyticsIntegrationDesignMobility and Testing, we help our CPG customers with end to end IT transformation to build resilient and optimized supply chains.

How we help?

Plugging in our technology expertise into our domain competency


Mobile and enterprise application solution to enable merchandizing processes coupled with delivery management

Third Party Logistics

We provide logistics-specific software solutions and technology support to optimize supply chain management and improve operational efficiency.


Setting up e-commerce platforms, integrations, develop mobile applications, SOP, sales enablement etc.

Data Architecture & Analytics

Analytical tools, Visualization, strategic planning, data architecture and solutions

Our Innovations

Error Logger

Managing incidents can become cumbersome, especially when it involves addressing critical issues in a production environment. This challenge is commonly faced by our clients and throughout the service desk industry. To overcome this, we’ve innovated a solution.

Error handling is a CoreFlex utility that was built to help overcome the discovery time for any incident that gets raised in the production environment. Error handling can reduce the aging of the tickets by approximately 40% thereby ensuring faster ticket resolutions and product releases.


Onboarding for Salesforce

Onboarding is a utility developed by CoreFlex to address the onboarding problems of Salesforce users in CPG and logistics businesses. This utility creates a user-friendly, automated, and cost-effective application that would ease the customer and equipment onboarding process.


Case Studies

Comprehensive DevOps execution for one of the world’s largest direct selling CPG companies

Direct positive impact on platform stability, effort, go to market and cost

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99.5% crash-free sessions for 600+ field technicians with a stable mobile app

Enabling customized and dynamic step-by-step protocol to maintain a high-performing field service platform.

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CoreFlex helps simplify business with data architecture solution

A simple, modern and future-proof data architecture for business success

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100% safe production environment, 75% reduction in execution time

Higher efficiency, better Speed-to-Market, greater user satisfaction achieved

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