CoreFlex Solutions is dedicated to assisting healthcare companies and entities in delivering the most valuable asset to people – their health. As a well-established player in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our healthcare clients. We empower them with cutting-edge technology solutions that enable them to efficiently provide better health outcomes for everyone.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation allows us to maximize the value patients receive from every dollar spent on their health. Our AI-enabled and cloud-based solutions empower doctors and hospitals to deliver the best possible care to their patients. By leveraging our core expertise in  Salesforce and Software Engineering, alongside other complementary services such as Data Management and AnalyticsIntegrationDesignMobility and Testing, we develop advanced IT solutions that facilitate exceptional healthcare experiences for all.

Our Solutions

Healthcare Integration

Custom solutions to enable interoperability between healthcare systems, using healthcare data standards


Mobile apps to enable easy communication between different parties and improve efficiency


Ensuring supreme quality and efficiency of all healthare ecosystem with robust software testing

Healthcare and IoT

Using Internet of Things to create solutions for large scale monitoring and delivering impoved health outcomes for care in the community

Data Management and Analytics

Making data an asset that feeds valueable insights for healthcare business to improve community health

Products & Platforms

The tools and utilities we use to get to your solution


Salutem is our AI-powered cloud platform that empowers group and private practitioners with technology, insights, and expertise to help them drive better health outcomes for their patients. Salutem is focused on developing tools for the entire patient journey, and our roadmap includes building Practice Management, Medical Billing, and more.

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Cube is an online browser-based software application built by CoreFlex on industry standard technologies which allows authors to manage their Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition, Transcription, Document Management and Workflow Requirements.

Our inbuilt deep neural speech recognition engine utilizes AI and Machine Learning to deliver best in class accuracy.


Case Studies

SharePoint portal implementation of a major NHS Trust hospital

Improved collaboration between teams and visibility of corporate information

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Elevated patient doctor experience for a leading UK hospital

Digital Speech Recognition and Intelligent Transcription services for a leading UK hospital

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