About the client

Founded in 2006, the brand is a leading IT platform for one of the largest beverage companies in the world. The brand offers a series of services that helps its partners optimally run their business, be innovative and people-focused, and develop entrepreneurial services that would help them excel on the big stage. The client serves more than 150,000 orders to over 25,000 unique users and generates revenue worth more than USD 20 billion annually.

The Challenge

The business teams of one of the largest beverage companies in the world had a requirement to develop Line of Business reports with limited backend reporting datastore information and gaps in requirement documentation.

The report development environment had challenges with absence of ETL processes to create data stores for the requirements. Limited documentation of the Cognos environment and existing reports.

Report requirements necessitated the fusion of data from multiple vendors of relational and multi-dimensional data like SAP HANA and MS SQL Server.

Our Solution

  • CoreFlex deployed its subject matter experts who had extensive experience of the beverage industry to work with the client’s business teams.
  • The SMEs brought to bear their industry knowledge to gather, analyze, identify gaps and provide inputs to develop reporting sources from existing transactional databases
  • The Analytics team ramped up to the Cognos environment using existing documentation and their experience of working in similar environments
  • Implemented the reports using rapid prototyping methodology to mitigate risks and course-correction early in the development process
  • CoreFlex’s testing team was leveraged to ensure data validations in the SAP HANA and SQL ETL backend processes


Overall improvements have been remarkable and documented through governance process.

CoreFlex teams worked as consultants with the business teams to flesh out the requirements by analyzing existing business processes

4 major reports and 35 sub-reports delivered in short development cycles

Smooth-transition of reports to production environments and user-satisfaction achieved

Detailed documentation like LLDs, User Guides, Data and process flows were created to validate and help in future enhancements of the reports

Having gained the confidence of the client the team is embarking on complex projects with predictive and executive decision support reporting