About the client

The client is an acute hospital in the UK operated by a major foundation trust. The hospital has over 400 beds and provides a full range of clinical services including accident and emergency, acute medicine, care of the elderly, surgery and maternity.

The Challenge

The client had an complex letter production process . There were multiple systems and processes for different phases of patient lifecycle which added to the complexity. They were in need of a centralized store of clinical documentation to accommodate multiple different workflows for complex super specialty needs.

Client was clear about 3 things:

  • They wanted to move to digital dictation
  • Enable use of speech recognition, and
  • Needed integration between Patient Administration Systems (PAS) and Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Our Solution

CoreFlex analysed the situation and client’s ask to come up with a proposed solution. For digital dictation using speech recognistion CoreFlex used its in house product Cube – a Digital Dictation platform for Trust wide use. To integrate Patient Administration systems (PAS) and Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems CoreFlex used its Integration practice.

Key tenets of the solution were:

  • Ability to upload all audio files from the application or created on smartphone app, directly to Cube
  • Integration with PAS to fetch demographic for auto-insertion into documents
  • Partial outsourcing of all letter production, with return to inbox within 24 hours of upload
  • Integration with managed mail service and integration engine for automated dispatch of letters
  • Integration with Kainos EDM to deliver completed document


2M+ £

savings in an year by making improvements in the admin processes


of letters dispatched within 4 days of clinic after clearing all backlog

30% +

savings through cost reductions, redeployment of resources, automation of dispatch

Seamless introduction of digital dictation across the Trust with zero disruption

Fully integrated with Millennium and enabled opportunities for speech recognition

Use of smartphone apps to further help reduce hardware costs and maintenance hassles