About the client

Founded in 2016, the brand is a leading IT solutions provider for the bottlers of one the largest beverages companies in the world. The brand offers a series of services that helps its partners optimally run their business, be innovative and people-focused, and develop entrepreneurial services that would help them excel on the big stage. The client serves more than 150,000 orders to over 25,000 unique users and generates revenue worth more than USD 20 billion annually.

The Challenge

The beverage distribution company was leveraging SAP platform for enterprise application. While the solutions were being deployed by the IT organization on a centralized platform, testing was not organized nor centralized or planned well. Test management was arduous with process inefficiencies leading to delays and instability of solutions being deployed. Lack of proper QA led to process discrepancies in the enterprise affecting business revenues and end customer needs.

The need of the hour was:

  • Efficient QA solution to address process inefficiencies.
  • Test management and preparation for release activities before Go-Live – setting up of test environment, transactional data loads etc.
  • Test execution and management during release cycles to ensure accuracy of solution deployments and clarity on process training for teams.
  • Business Process change and end user training documents.

Our Solution

CoreFlex delivered flexible, shared, testing as a service model that brings about operational efficiencies.

Key tenets of our solutions were:

  • Comprehensive QA process elements that flow through each level with output documents and enable understanding for each user
  • Design test folders and test scenarios in HP-ALM to focus on relevant and vital test scenarios and cases for each Release of SAP incremental solution
  • Set-up test preparation QA teams that take into account all the “change requests” being deployed in the release to create test folders, set-up transactional data to enable comprehensive testing
  • Test coverage plan to include all relevant test cases for all changes being planned for deployment
  • Established tight governance and follow-up process with all the stakeholders to enable successful deployments
  • Defect training and management to successfully get corrections to all defects in time for Go-Live
  • Scorecard and reports published to stakeholders – daily, weekly and retrospective

Output deliverables

  • Daily status reports
  • Test strategy document
  • End user training document for SAP processes that change owing to the change requests
  • Test progress report citing test coverage, test completion, defects identified, defect closure and progressive prediction on completion.

Value delivered

Efficient test management – overall QA process improvement and documentation

Cost savings, Predictable delivery, Higher operational efficiencies

Test preparation and set-up process

Pay as you use shared services model

Communication plan with all stakeholders