About the client

A leading automobile dealership in Detroit, MI, with a customer base of 3,000 to 10,000, wherein each salesperson managed a regular sale of at least 10 cars each month. The dealership business involved providing assistance to existing clients and also attending to sales inquiries and complaints through call. However, their unique sales model allowed them to have just a few sales professionals who handled the direct sales at the actual dealership office, and the rest of the call handling and data categorization needed to be handled elsewhere.

The Challenge

The basic challenge that the dealership faced was the lack of skilled hands to handle the huge sales demand. While it was well equipped to handle direct sales, the ever-increasing call volume was growing to be a major issue. Apart from the increased number of call rejection, this was also resulting in a greater number of complaints, dissatisfied customers, and influencing the number of actual sales.

In addition, in spite of the team is highly skilled, sorting through the huge pile of incoming calls received during the day and pursuing the hot leads among them posed to be a tumultuous task. Sorting through the data individually also affected their productivity and consumed a lot of time and resulted in ineffective sales cycles.

This is when the dealership decided to stretch out and seek assistance from call disposition companies that could handle huge call volumes and could probably streamline the call categorization process too.

However, not every call disposition company has the capability to handle data analysis and call categorization with minimum downtime in a way that the overall functioning of the dealership remained unchanged.

CoreFlex came up with a solution that could assist both the call outsourcing company and the automobile dealer in the best way possible, incurring just a minimum overhead cost, without noticeable downtime.

Our Solution

The data processing team at CoreFlex had access to every call recording shared by the call disposition company, shared via a secure channel. Based on the inputs gathered from the client, CoreFlex created a new, full-width layout to speed up the process of incoming call categorization based on keywords and call relevance, build with reference to the guidelines provided by the client.

CoreFlex also assigned a dedicated team that could work round the clock on the incoming calls within 30-60 mins after the call was made and instantly categorize them and allocates sales follow-ups to the respective salesperson.  The team identified the leverageable data with the help of an in-house tool and also by manually listening to each conversation for better conversation analysis.

The CoreFlex team successfully managed to convert calls to valuable data in no time, delivering tangible data to be utilized and allowing the automobile dealer to focus more on relevant sales follow-ups.

Value delivered

Streamlined call-based operations

More targeted and streamlined sales process

Improved user satisfaction

Stable revenue generation process

Reduced cost of hiring, training, retaining, etc.

Increased sales and improved customer engagement