The Challenge

The client was processing more than 100k service and product deliveries annually, through 600+ Technicians. To maintain operations effectively, they needed to track and report on the performance metrics of its field service team and processes.​

The last mile can be very inefficient due to factors like varying traffic patterns, delivering to locations that may not be reliable, changing routes, and the general cost of transportation. There is a level of unpredictability that needs to be dealt with and that can be done through automation, big data, and analytics.​

In order to streamline and create intelligence in the last mile delivery operations, vast volumes of data needed to be captured, stored and analyzed. The datasets are complex with information like route details, latitude/longitude of routes taken, SLAs, multiple order statuses and milestones and Proof of Delivery information.

Our Solution

CoreFlex used one of its home grown Analytics utility, cAutomate , an AI ML brain, to address the challanges of the client. Key highlights of the solution provided by CoreFlex are as follows:

  • Built a highly customizable platform designed to quickly adapt to customer requirements like branding, custom workflows and statuses, configurable geo-fences, GPS tracking, notifications and application messaging.
  • Simple and yet sophisticated user interface and built-in collaboration with client and on-field technicians to meet the challenges of usability of the app in the field
  • Hybrid mobile application built utilizing AngularJS/PhoneGap/Ionic platform for distribution and tight integration with phone features
  • Application developed on a scalable multi-tenant backend database which is exposed through secure WebAPIs
  • Extensive on-field and lab experimentation done to enable accuracy of location data and geo-fences
  • Advance document processing techniques utilized to meet compliance requirements of customer



Service and delivery orders processed on-field


Digitization of paperwork for compliance requirements

Includes advanced FSM features like dispatching, real-time GPS tracking, route planning, analytics and reporting, backend integrations with order management systems and Proof of Delivery

Field managers have full visibility and control over in-flight orders and can make changes in real-time when responding to on-field order delivery issues​