How does sales work? Cold calls, inbound calls, face-to-face sales pitch, advertising through events, stalls, social media, etc. and through other modes of communication. Apart from face to face interactions, calls (inbound or outbound) are the most important means to interact and engage with customers.

Sectors like education, real estate, travel, finance, eCommerce, food and restaurants, pharma, and banking all depend on calls to interact with customers, to build interest, to provide customer service, and to shape and maintain a loyal customer base. However, while the process of just answering the calls may sound easy, handling large volumes of calls each day and making sense out of them can be a daunting task. It is here that Call Disposition and Back Office Call Prioritization can assist.

Call Disposition and Back Office Call Prioritization

According to Quora, “A call disposition (or activity code, wrap up code, outcome, etc.) is typically a code (or codes) assigned to the call by an agent to indicate what the call was actually about.” Disposition stands for, “how something is arranged, especially related to other things.”  Call Disposition too is a way of categorization or labelling the outcomes of a call. Call disposition and categorization can help equip sales with valuable intelligence and help prioritize sales follow-ups.

Manually listening and labelling calls can be tedious and confusing unless there are specific rules or software to make the process simpler. And this is where Call Disposition software comes in handy. Most Call disposition software focuses on acting as the one-click shorthand for call outcomes.

The software also allows each call to be tagged with particular call disposition codes that, in turn, specify the call type, the reason for the call, the outcome of the call, and the required action to be taken. This also provides all the agents/representatives, easily accessible collective information about multiple calls received.

1. Call Disposition can assist in:
  • Handling calls in a more personalized manner
  • On-time and apt follow-ups
  • Back office call prioritization
  • Call Listening Services – The Key to effective disposition
  • In spite of all the features in a call disposition software, manual interventions in terms of listening to the calls and prioritizing sales follow-ups are very helpful.
2. Role of Voice services in prioritizing Sales follow-ups’
  • By physically listening to the calls, based on keywords and some judgment, it is possible to identify and prioritize calls that need urgent follow-ups.
  • This information, when made available to sales, can help ensure that the priority sales calls are taken care of on time, resulting in higher and faster closures.
  • Many organizations today, say, for instance, auto dealers, healthcare clinics lack the necessary infrastructure or employee strength to handle the steady stream of calls.
  • By using a call disposition software in combination with call listening services, calls can be quickly analyzed, categorized, and allocated to sales for follow-up.
3. Adding Value to Businesses

For an organization that has high call volumes, call disposition, along with call listening services, adds tremendous value. With follow-up calls prioritized for sales, they can focus on calls that can close faster and help drive faster sales and growth for the organization.

CoreFlex offers a dedicated team for call listening and prioritization to take the load off your hands.