What are the major benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development for your Enterprises?

77% of App Development companies say that enterprise mobility has grown tremendously in the past two years and 60% of workers use enterprise apps for work activities. With each enterprise having its own specific requirements, guidelines, and policies, the demand for custom mobile application development for enterprises has seen a considerable surge in recent years.

While there is no doubt that the use of custom mobile apps can assist in delivering sustainable enterprise-level results, there are many other benefits that it offers.

1. Improved Efficiency

Custom Enterprise Mobile Applications are often developed in a way as to facilitate various functions. In other words, a single custom app often carries out the functions of several apps. Take for instance, a mobile app for retail that doesn’t just take sales order, and provide product information, but also assists in gives updates about real-time shelf placements in the store, about buyer preferences based on the general shopping pattern, etc. This in itself could improve efficiency, and as the custom application development also takes into consideration the enterprise-level requisites, the app hence allows employees to work faster, deliver better performances and with more accuracy.

2. Tailored Experiences

As the word itself suggests, custom mobile application development involves a holistic approach in terms of customization and personalization. Right from the interface to the usability of the content, everything is tailored to give the users a sense of belonging. A custom app has its own functionality and meets the demands of the targeted users. While this gives the users something they can relate better with, it also gives the enterprise a facelift in terms of unified goals and trained performance.

3. Better control on Releases and Feature Additions

Custom application development gives more flexibility to modify and enhance the app as a part of new releases and there is full control over when to launch the next release. Any new addition here just comes within app modification, which can be done faster and incur a lesser cost in comparison with the customizations on ready-to-use products.

4. Greater Mobility

Mobile apps do provide mobility, but with the enterprise-specific data, access system, added features like offline or remote access, content download facility, etc., enterprise apps can increase mobility to a greater extent. Being custom-developed, such apps can have various features that cater only to the enterprises too and assist in increasing the ease of usage. For instance, a custom mobile app for loans essentially can be customized to handle everything from customer verification to loan disbursements to interest calculations and more allowing banking staff and customers to have greater accessibility without locational restrictions.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

In terms of Capital Expenditure custom mobile application development may be considered costly in comparison to subscription-based off-the-shelf products, however, the additional costs for such models often add up in terms of feature addition, updates and modifications. The operational cost in the case of custom applications and the value addition it offers negates the initial cost. Custom mobile application development helps in reducing additional costs associated with integrations, modifications, maintenance, etc.

6. End-User Adoption

Every enterprise or industry has a different need. Nothing matters more to a service-based enterprise than customer satisfaction. Custom mobile apps can be developed with features to send relevant messages and updates related to specific products or services directly to the customers. In addition, the apps can help to keep track of customer details and aid in receiving feedback that can help in improvements. While this can help in staying connected with customers, it also can result in improving the level of end-user adoption.

7. Innovation & Competitive Edge

While mobile applications have been widely embraced by enterprises with the primary objective to stay ahead in the market. Custom enterprise mobile apps being more specific to the organizations assist in increased productivity, performance, etc. which can, in turn, give an added competitive edge. In addition, multi-device friendliness, intuitive interface design to give a seamless user experience, etc. can help in boosting the image of the organization too.

8. Future-Proofing your Investments

Custom Mobile App development gives enterprises control over the product and hence it is not locked into technology or vendor. There is the flexibility to migrate to a new platform if the technology is obsolete, or in case some updating is required, both without major cost addition if the app is well developed.

While these are the topmost benefits, added data security, ease in integration with existing infrastructure, ease of maintenance and better accountability are factors that make custom mobile application development for enterprises more beneficial. The trick, however, lies in laying the groundwork well to get an app that meets the requirements. So, pay enough attention to the requirement gathering and find a team (in-house or outsourced) with the necessary skill set to get the best results in terms of custom mobile application development for your enterprises.