QA strategy works when it can be operationalized seamlessly. Designing a strategy means:

  • Clear objectives
  • Defining procedures
  • Tailoring processes
  • Applying them consistently
  • Simulating pilot

With collaborative participation of the scrum teams, a strategy becomes operational.

Our QA experts with deep industry expertise and technology acumen offer a range of expertise tailored for your needs in the journey of QA enablement. At CoreFlex we empower our customers to empower theirs through our years of expertise in defining  successful QA strategies as a part of our QA advisory services. Whether it is setting up a QA shop, getting a custom testing function or QA function consolidation, our offerings range from the length and width of all enterprise requirements.

Our Services

QA Strategy Design

A strategic roadmap from current state to your target state

QA Practice Setup

Always ensure quality with a well-designed, centralized QA function 

Automation Enablement

Automate your way to superior efficiency!

QA Process Optimization

Maximize your QA for faster turnaround

Agile testing process Adoption

Helping you make your QA agile

Our Product

Leonardo for Test Automation

Leonardo for Test Automation is a proprietary tool built by CoreFlex that is designed to solve common testing issues for our clients. This test automation utility is built on top of Selenium and is AI-powered, helping to churn out faster automation for Salesforce and other digital projects. With Leonardo, clients can run their tests and achieve their goals in just “2 clicks”.

This tool is a win-win for all parties involved. If you choose to part ways at the end of the agreement, you get to keep the utility with you. Alternatively, if you do not choose to have Leonardo, since it is all native Selenium scripts, you can retain the asset by keeping the scripts.

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