Making smarter decisions with the enormous amount of data each day is a tough job and more so if must be made continuously. With our 8 + years of experience in mastering data for accelerating business results we help organizations simplify their data to achieve and exceed their growth objectives.

Our data analytics consulting services are designed to help our customers get an initial assessment of where they are in their current data and analytics transformation journey and how best they can optimize it to reap maximum benefits with the power of data and analytics.

Our Services

BI Landscape assessment

Charting your road to success with business intelligence

Business Intelligence re-platforming

Maximizing efficiency of your business intelligence landscape

Agile DevOps Adoption

Accelerating digital transformation with agility

Our Product


“TraceTrax,” a cloud-based mobile application developed by CoreFlex, which is to empower businesses in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Logistics industry, with advanced collaboration tools and real-time access to information for enhanced field effectiveness.


What TraceTrax does for you?



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