An ever-ready Testing practice is a bare necessity to stay competitive today. To help you cater to complex business requirements confidently, we provide you with a full spectrum of testing managed services with mature processes that ensure quality and happiness of you customers at the same time.

Our team of experts come with a mix of functional and technical expertise, backed by world class management processes that make sure your products and services are delivered with excellent quality, above business standards.

With our Testing managed services, we give you time to focus on your strategic priorities, because we understand your business and we are good at managing it with well with our Quality Engineering practice.

How we help?

Automation Factory

Deliver credibility faster

Bespoke Test management strategy

A test strategy for all kinds of business needs

End to end Testing Services

Ensuring seamless connectivity between your applications

QA Implementation Services

Fresh implementation secured with quality engineering

Performance Testing

Set up your applications and business for maximum efficiency

Mobile Testing

Creating seamless mobile experiences with a strong testing foundation

SAP Testing

Get high performing quality SAP applications

Salesforce Testing

Assuring efficiency of Salesforce applications at all times

ETL Testing

Deep health check of ETL processes

Product Testing

World class products that delight customers

Our Product

Leonardo for Test Automation

Leonardo for Test Automation is a proprietary tool built by CoreFlex that is designed to solve common testing issues for our clients. This test automation utility is built on top of Selenium and is AI-powered, helping to churn out faster automation for Salesforce and other digital projects. With Leonardo, clients can run their tests and achieve their goals in just “2 clicks”.

This tool is a win-win for all parties involved. If you choose to part ways at the end of the agreement, you get to keep the utility with you. Alternatively, if you do not choose to have Leonardo, since it is all native Selenium scripts, you can retain the asset by keeping the scripts.

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Case Studies

100% safe production environment, 75% reduction in execution time

Higher efficiency, better Speed-to-Market, greater user satisfaction achieved

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Early defect detection with automated regression testing

Saving time by automating low-value, repetitive tasks

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Enabled independent and flexible shared services “Testing as a service” model

Comprehensive test coverage, efficient test management and 'more with less'

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60% operations costs reduced with a strong QA strategy

QA consulting solution helps a financial major increase its speed to market

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